Live Demo: WooCommerce Royal Mail

Welcome to the Live Demo of the WooCommerce Royal Mail.
Here you can access all the premium features of the plugin. The information below will help you find your way around the demo.

However, if at any point you need further assistance, you can contact us here.

How to Get Real-Time Royal Mail Shipping Rates

Step 1: Goto Shop

Click on Shop and add some products to the cart.

Goto Shop
Goto Plugin Settings

Step 2: Visit the Cart Page

Click on View Cart to visit the cart page.

Step 3: Get Real-Time Shipping Rates

Click on Calculate Shipping and enter your address. Then click on Update Totals to get real-time shipping rates.

Now based on your address, the shipping rates will be visible on the cart.


Tracking a Royal Mail Shipment

Step 1: Place an Order using your Email ID

Goto Shop and Place an Order using your Email ID.

Place An Order
Goto Plugin Settings

Step 2: Visit the Orders Page.

Visit the orders page and select the order you have placed.

Step 3: Update Tracking Info

Update the Royal Mail Tracking Info by adding the Shipping Carrier, Tracking Number and the Shipment Date, and then click on Save/Show Tracking Info.


Step 4: Tracking Message

A message will be displayed on top of the page stating that the order has been shipped. The message will include the Shipping carrier name, date of shipment and the tracking ID with the link to track the package.

Step 5: Complete the Order

Change the status of the order to Completed and click on Update.


Step 6: Check your Email

Once the order is completed successfully, you (customers) will get an Order Completion Email containing the Tracking Details. You (customers) can click the tracking link and track the package.


Admin Configurations

Royal Mail Shipping Services

You can provide the following Royal Mail Shipping Services to your customers using this plugin.


The plugin Supports the following Royal Mail Shipping Boxes.


You can Adjust the Shipping Rates as per your preferences.